About LaserTeam

LaserTeam presents the next generation of controlled ablative / coagulative nano second medical laser technology!
Our vision is to lead the global transformation of esthetic and medical laser therapy toward the novel nano second Thulium laser technology.


Development Stage

The Need

The esthetic and medical community is looking for an ablative laser technology that causes no adverse effect due to excessive heat around the laser hole. It also looks for more accurate laser ablation deepness and coagulation thickness
This can reduce pain, leave no scars, and burns and can be applied better to dark skin. Many treatments will greatly improve with LaserTeams’ technology.
Laser treatments are given today around the world for verity of conditions like: skin Rejuvenation, scar revision, ophthalmic, skin lesions, gynaecology, nose ear and throat.
The care giver needs to control the level of the heat caused by the laser. From no heat at all, to enough heat. An accurate laser beam, and a controlled depth is needed.

LaserTeam’s Solution

Laser Team offer a laser system with Nano Thulium-based technology. Compresses low energy at high power spikes in nanoseconds pulses.
Nano-Thulium Laser is an ablative laser with controlled lateral heat from no lateral heat for faster recovery time and to reduce lateral damage, pain and burns. It is also suitable for darker skin treatments.

Alon Shacham, CEO

Mr. Shacham brings 30 years of development and management experience in Israeli and US high technology medical companies. In recent years, Mr. Shacham managed medical laser systems programs at a principal laser systems company.

Prof Noah Salman, CTO & Board member

Prof Salman Noach is a faculty member in the Jerusalem College of Technology.
He is the founder of the solid-state laser laboratory of JCT and Laser Team Medical.
He brings a unique experience in laser development, especially to the 2um spectral Range

The Market Opportunity

Laser treatment is a conventional tool for treating skin and tissue conditions in both clinical and aesthetics practices today, all around the world. Laser Team technology is a potential Game-Changer in billion-dollar markets such as dermatology, Ophthalmology, nose ear and throat surgery and more.
Laser Team decided to market its first laser medical system to treat skin rejuvenation which was more than a Billion-dollar market in 2021, for energy based devices, witnessing a CAGR of 11.2% !
Followed by a wrinkle and lifting application another Billions of dollars growing markets.
Laser Team’s unique, patented Nano-Thulium Laser technology boasts superior features to those of best-in-class competitors, and stands to dictate a new standard of care for dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Looking for opportunity?

This is an opportunity to join the company that sets to lead the transformation of the medical laser field into its next stage!